Turn a little faster, the world will follow after!

I haven’t really noticed how much I’ve been missing from the city. I’m there almost everyday  (because of school) but I rarely have

time to actually walk around and marvel at all the beautifully structured buildings, the interesting personalities screaming from each shop that you could walk by, and the amazing sceneries hidden from the hurried eyes of people always on the run (including me).

Bookshops, clothing stores, art galleries, restaurants!

I’m going to make the most out of everything and actually be proud and cheesy. Last Thursday was lovely. Me and boyfriend failed to make an early start, so we arrived in the art gallery some time near 11 (I’ve always wanted to go and check out that art gallery, it’s so near uni and it’s such a shame if I never set foot in it).  There were two exhibits, and I enjoyed the contemporary one more. Boyfriend didn’t approve of me liking the paintings just because of the meaning that the artists gave to it. He looked for paintings that he’d actually be willing to hang in his room, which is a pretty good point. But I can’t ignore the explanations. (If I’m allowed some gloat-space) Being born a writer, I’m more impressed with the painting if it had clever meanings and symbolisms into it. Haha. But anyone can make up those meanings. Yeah.

We then walked to a pad-Thai restaurant for lunch (while being distracted by all the shops along the way, vowing to one day, be able to actually shop and buy the products being sold). Gelato for dessert after letting the food digest.

I was late for my Psychology class but the sun was out, and the sky was so blue. Boyfriend and I got our much needed bonding time and I was happy. It was too good to end too soon.

I was always used to alone-times. It took a while before I warmed up to the idea of having alone-times with Boyfriend. But thinking about it now, gallivanting with someone else is more fun than being amazed on your own (imagine how silly you’d look if you were standing all by yourself and gaping at the shop window. Better to look silly with someone, I think).

Fine, I admit. I’ve been bitten by the cheese-bug.


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