What are you thinking?

I love Psychology.

Lately, I’ve been having issues with the course I’m taking because I didn’t see how it could be practical when I enter the into the work force i.e I do not believe that this course will assist me in becoming filthy rich in the near future, unlike more practical courses like Nursing or Accounting. Psychology is just a subject I’m really interested in, and it’s a course that I can easily justify my hard work on (I remember feeling very ridiculous and confused last semester when I was trying to memorize as much as I can about the different kinds of muscles when I am quite sure that I wouldn’t become a doctor).

But Mama told me that I should do what I love. And that the courses we take in college won’t really determine where you’ll be working in the future. She has a friend who graduated with a degree in…Forestry (?) and is now working as a journalist. Also, another friend who graduated with a medical degree but then became a journalist as well. (LOL at Mom’s journalist friends. good job!)

All I want is to be able to make a difference…just like a lot of people! Right now I believe I’m on the right path with Psychology. I’m only beginning to see all the kinds of research and studies that are really relevant to society.

Being aware of how we function as humans either individually, in groups, and in different contexts, could be a really powerful tool, if one chooses to use it for the good, that is.


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