No-Brainer Weekend

First of all, I would like to say:


It was pretty cool getting to chat with other viewers of the game while we watched it via live streaming! I wonder if all those other people live abroad as well. In any case, it’s a nice thought that Filipinos all over the world get together to watch ADMU-DLSU games. Finally, ADMU won! I really think the last game was just due to chance (an external attribution made for a positive outcome on the side of the outgroup. Cool. That’s Psych right there!) .

Today we attended our kabarkada’s Culinary Competition. Lots of yummy food in sight, but we weren’t allowed to eat it! And the worst part is, (Boyf said that’s how they did it for all culinary competitions) all that good food is just going to be thrown away after the judges sample teeny tiny proportions! What a waste!

I finally got to buy that coat from Glassons as well. It was on sale! Instead of getting the dark blue one, I decided to buy the light pink one instead! So girly!

So for the entire weekend, I’ve done nothing academic-related (my brain’s feeling weird already), but hey, I rarely get to spend weekends not worrying about requirements (although I’d better get started on my lab report before I forget the important parts…). It was nice. šŸ™‚ Awesome-possum.

But then I’d have a lot of readings to do for the break. AND, that research paper for Social Psychology!

Here’s our friend’s dessert dish! Proud of you, Joyce!


We didn’t know Scottie was his name. The man in the wheelchair whom we see every Sunday at mass. He’s always sitting by the choir, nodding at people who smile at him. Sometimes he’d join us for morning tea, then we’d see him controlling his wheelchair on the sidewalk, rolling home.

He died last week. It was weird having that space empty. I think I only smiled at him once or twice. He was always there. God bless him.

The church suddenly felt a bit empty without him. Everyone knew him, but didn’t. He was just a really comforting presence. A hopeful proof that it is possible to live the way he did. He was loved. And he’d be missed.

Rest in peace, Scottie!


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