Happiness is the Surprise MnM in a Bunch of Popcorns

Step up 3 was on the menu today, and after Boyf’s presentation (which he said was quite successful! Yay, good job!) we headed to Hoyts in Sylvia Park to watch. Sadly though, we watched the regular screening, not the 3D one…which was alright with me, actually. I didn’t like the feeling of those awkward square glasses much anyway. But I guess it would have been better 3D because I couldn’t take the story line too seriously. Maybe I was already influenced by a negative review, maybe it was just not so well written. I mean, come on (*SPOILER!*), this Luke dude just exerted too much pressure on Moose (they didn’t even show what happened to his Engineering test!). And I couldn’t take him seriously with his meticulously formed mustache. I’m sorry. He doesn’t look like a dancer AT ALL. As I told Boyf, he would fit in better as a magazine model, or a waiter serving coffee in an outside cafe in Paris.

All in all, I guess all those dancing made up for the crappy story line. At least we had that popcorn and MnM’s to keep us company 🙂 mmm.

Someday I’d like to video-blog. When I’ve got time and money. I will start to video-blog.

I almost left my cellphone in McDonald’s as well. Stupid me. I thought I threw it in the trash because I left my phone on the tray. Luckily, this other Filipino family saw my phone, recognized our faces on my wall paper and brought it to us. One of the kids found it, actually. I was really thankful!

I tend to be careless when I’m too much of a happy, sappy, kid. Tsk.


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