Won’t Stop Turning Tonight

Last September 16, we reached our 2-year mark here in the land of milk and sheep. Honestly, there were things that I never expected, and things that I’m truly thankful for. There were some things that I found disappointing, but nonetheless, I’ve learned to adapt well and embrace the realization that Life goes on, no matter what happens. Best not to get dragged down the road, when you can actually enjoy the ride.
People come, people go. True friends stayed, and true friends were gained. Cheers to good times, and more awesome times to come!
Looking back though, even if things turned out fine, I never want to go through that migration experience again. Ever. It was horrible. Maybe, if ever we did move again (which I hope not), I’d be more prepared. But still. I’d like to stay, please.
There was always that void though that was left by the past. I remember clearly the time (while I was shopping in Valley Girl) that I realized that I haven’t been depressed for a long time.
And it’s thanks to you, B ❤
I’ve honestly never met anyone as patient, persevering and awesome as you.
You make me laugh in the middle of the night, and in the earliest hours of the morning…most of the time at the silliest and shallowest things!
You make me think about my own beliefs and opinions…and actually reconsider! You have to know that I’m used to being right 😛 You’re one of the few people who can make me think otherwise!
Oh and the food. 🙂 I absolutely love eating with you. If we grow fat and happy together, let’s never settle for diets that deprive us of all the good stuff! (Exercise nalang. Haha!)
It’s amazing how lucky I was to have found people who think and act like me 😀 I remember my earliest thoughts on my WTF girls… we all love taking pictures of ourselves! Picture! Love it 🙂
We’ve had similar musings…if we stayed in the Philippines, would we have met? Would we be friends? We worked out a couple of connections, and for some of us, there is probably a 30% chance of being an acquaintance to each other. We probably wouldn’t have formed an awesome barkada like the one we have now.
We make sense. The whole bunch of us. WTF plus extended family. Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without you guys, so thank you ❤
University won’t be as fun without my 3 awesome, geeky, fun-loving girls as well. All taking up Science, but somehow still very passionate about the Arts. You guys seriously helped me adapt to a new school environment. Experiencing long, boring lectures, surprisingly funny lecturers, abnormal eating times, too much coffee and sugar, plus everything else in between with you guys is definitely something to be thankful for! ❤
As I’ve said dozens of times before, I never would have made it if not for my loves back home. It’s such a comfort knowing that I haven’t lost anyone of you. I know I’ve been quite busy lately, but it always makes me happy when we’re able to catch up with each other through ym or email 😀
I will see you guys soon! ❤




2 thoughts on “Won’t Stop Turning Tonight

  1. I’m glad you’re happy. Happy 2 years girlfriend!

    See you tomorrow! :*

    PS. Ang funny nung Google Ad na nakalagay with your post. “Stop emotional eating”

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