I forgot how to stay home on a Friday night…

I was delusional when I thought my hair can look like Katie Holmes’. Note to self: you’re not a super star with hair stylists ready to make you look naturally gorgeous every morning. Your hair WILL NOT look as naturally beautiful as Katie Holmes’. Oh well. A couple of weeks and my stubborn jungle of a hair may tame down a bit.

There are many interesting things going on in the Quad every day. Last Wednesday I think, it was World Habitat Day. There was this huge white tarp covering most of the floor space, and people kneeling over everywhere, painting scenes from different countries. It was very interesting to watch, and even more so, the fact that I found the part representing the Philippines.

That Wednesday, the sun shone gloriously too. I missed the heat (after long months of cold and rain) and was feeling gloriously giddy as well, that I decided to buy myself some donuts and coffee. And here is where I make a confession. After buying a large flat white (and I’d like to point out I usually buy only regular, not large), I headed off to buy donuts and was tempted to buy some cold, creamy Honey Melon milk tea. No kidding. I actually ended up buying the cool treat as well… and not drinking the coffee… boo me. Boo.

Luz and I went to Takapuna last Thursday to return my mom’s books in the library. Then we went to the mall and read random books in the book shop. I was enthralled by this pop-up book about a doll-house wedding. Ang sosyal nila. Hahaha. He read a book that recorded all the amazing/weird/silly/gross things that humans have or are capable of doing. After finishing two books, we stood up and saw the sign that said “It would be appreciated if books were not read…”. FTW!

Karyn, Owy and I went shopping in the two dollar shop and saw this notebook that had a magic pig. It was a very cool magic pig. I think Hector (the pimple) was still alive that day. I actually popped it on Thursday and felt a strong urge to put pimple cream on it (it was gross). So for the one hour of my Cognitive Psychology lecture, I had this white dot on my face. Talk about being deviant and breaking social norms.

I guess that pretty much sums up the week. So-so. More stuff to do over the weekend. I shall be counting the days until I can tie up my hair again…


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