I might have eaten all the ice cream scoops…

eat all you can!

According to Social Psychology, when people encounter stereotype threats, they tend to use all their cognitive resources in decreasing anxiety and negative affect, that they are left with no mental energy left to deal with subsequent tasks requiring much effort. Inzlight and Kang discovered that when women were threatened with the stereotypical belief that they are not good in math (and left to deal with the threat without cognitive appraisals or coping strategies), they depleted all their cognitive resources trying to reduce anxiety. In a subsequent task that required self-control (but non-stereotypical), results showed that their self-regulatory mechanisms did decrease. They ate more ice cream in a second, unrelated, taste preference task.

I did not undergo any stereotype threat, mind you. But at the moment, I feel like I have used up most of my cognitive resources studying for Psy204, that if given 3 bowls of ice cream, I’d probably eat them all! Ha. 2 more days to review. 4 more topics left. I hope I do alright.

On the plus side of things, tonight is a warm night, and looks like the weather decided to stabilize its mood swings and set the season to spring. Sucks that it’s almost always sunny outside though, while I (like many others?) have to stay indoors and cram power-point slide after power-point slide in my head.

Until then, I am looking forward to Thursday, merienda with the girls, and dinner with my B <3.


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