Just you, me and the stars

1 exam down, two more to go! I thought I’d start tonight, but then decided to give myself some bum/chill time.

Because I’m a Cancer person and Cancer people are said to be very sentimental, I shall go on with my habit of posting pictures of recent places (mostly related to food) that I’ve been to.

I met up with my two girlfriends today, Tata and Karyn, and we had merienda in Hulu Cat. They had the Taro slushy, while I had the Jasmine milk tea. I missed that. It was what I used to order every time back in the Ateneo cafe some years ago.

B came to pick me up afterwards. And yes, 3 weeks does feel like 5 when you have exams and you know that you’d be under house arrest again for some time. I actually missed the outdoors! HAHA. But seriously, Spring is really here and the night air was cool and refreshing. We had a good dinner down in Hansan, then went to Movenpick for dessert. I didn’t know tiramisu is actually made with wine (I apologize for my ignorance). The reason for that being the only time I got to make a tiramisu cake was in a baking class I once went to with Jill. We were only… 13 back then? I can’t remember. B said that was probably the reason why we didn’t include wine in our recipe. True.

And, I can’t believe Supre was open until 9 in the evening! I got to buy a really nice summer dress (which I will be wearing during Dom’s first birthday this Sunday! Beach! Here I come!).

10 minutes to midnight, and that means I must sleep soon, and tomorrow it’s crunch time once again. I hope I get to finish a big chunk off tomorrow…

Summer break, you’re so near! I can’t wait! ❤


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