No stranger to upheaval.

I don’t know why, but my group mate is so keen (KEEN) on studying for our last exam. (And I’m not!) It’s a General Education subject. And it’s a bad subject (i.e. bad memories). Oh well. I’ll start on Sunday, promise!

Today was fun though. I partially regretted having to get up early (…10am) for the Auckland Uni tour (yes, didn’t you know, I’m a tour guide now). Once I was on the bus, I felt better because it was such a nice day outside and I never get tired of the ocean and city views on the way.

I made a new friend (she volunteered for the tour as well) and we talked about how we felt about migrating- the usual getting to know with a fellow Pinoy. The thing is, I realized just how happy I am now. The longing for home will always be there, but too much longing would’ve killed me. I don’t need to worry about checking on my Facebook any more and feeling dread and regret whenever all my barkadas post pictures. Now, there is only happiness for them, and happiness for me too!

I feel whole again.

I also realized how proud I am of my University. It’s never  going to be like Ateneo, but it’s home. I love the Quad, with all  it’s (junk) food, afternoon music, and the Women space too. I  love the library and how it can really make you feel warm and  toasty on a cold day. I love OGG! Hahaha! I love the Excel cafe  because I believe they have the cheapest coffee on campus. It’s  only filter coffee, but I’ve actually grown to love it. Oh, and  even if the times aren’t always synchronized, and the lecture  rooms are quite old already, I do love the Clock Tower. Call me  corny, but the architecture’s really beautiful.

After the tour, I met up with B and Karyn and we headed off to  the ASB Show Grounds for the annual stock clearance sale. It  was crazy. I went crazy. Ha. Only managed to put on a wee bit  of self control there. I was able to justify my purchases  successfully by telling myself that I deserved a reward for  doing my dad the touring-favor, and besides, I deserved good cosmetics. I shouldn’t settle for 2-dollar shop make-up from now on. And besides, who can ever argue with a sale? Not me, that’s for sure.

B got me a new Casio watch too, and although it fell on my “Cheap but Stylish Enough” category, surprisingly, he agreed. He always argued with me whenever I wanted to just settle for those cheap, flea market watches. I’d say all that I need was something to give me the time, and he said, if I’m going to but something that tells the time, might as well make sure it’s good quality. I said it’s a waste of money to buy something expensive when I can get it cheaper, and he countered by saying I wouldn’t buy just any jacket, even if it keeps me warm. I would want a nice, good quality jacket.

Fine. I am happy with the Casio watch!

Finally, B drove me home, and my brothers and I had McDonald’s (I should rename this entry and call it  “Splurge Day”). An hour after, I got a text message from him, telling me to go out of the house. I really thought he wasn’t kidding when he drove up in this sleek, sexy, black BMW and saying it was his new car. I was still wearing my apron when he told me to take it off and jump in.

We took a short joy ride through the motorway, with the car roof down and the wind blowing through my hair (even though it was already quite cold).

Alas, all good things come to an end. The car was his sister’s boyfriend’s, and he was kind enough to let B take it out on a test drive. It was awesome.

We’ll have one someday!


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