I’m addicted to you

I didn’t expect tears to come falling from my eyes as I held on tightly to B as we said goodbye. I’m glad I was able to drop him off the airport with his mom. Along the way, I was quietly laughing at the back seat as mother and son argued about the pros and cons of buying an island. It was hilarious.

Spent the day with Karyn, shopping for an outfit she’d wear for their 3rd anniversary! Congratulations, K 🙂

Now I’m faced with the hideous task of packing. WHAT WILL I BRING. I know the chocolates will be really heavy, so I’m forced to bring as little as possible.

Minimalist set of mind, come on!

Uni work tomorrow from 8am to 8pm (more moolah, woohoo!) Honestly, I don’t feel like getting up. I want to stay in bed.

Okay, this is sounding too much like my diary. I’ll come back when I have something more profound to say.


5 hours of separation and I MISS HIM ALREADY. 😦


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