I’m happy.

I got to work a total of  17 hours for the Girls Into Science event in A.U.

I was able to decide on the clothes, jewelries, make-up, and bags that I’ll be bringing.

I watched 2 movies lately, Going the Distance and Easy A. Cracks me up!

I got to chat with B today, from 2pm to 6pm

I followed through with my Minimalist state of mind! (I think)

8 bars of Whittaker’s chocolate blocks only weight 0.2 kg!

I might be meeting Marnelli, Darlene and Marfel tomorrow! (Sadly though, my WTF girls seem to be all busy)

My name tag, a free nail filer, and a lip balm courtesy of Auckland Uni

I’ve been thinking about how much I’m going to miss Auckland. It’s amazing how a lot of things can change over a year. I’m still very enthusiastic about my trip though. I’m just going to miss the easy bus rides, the fresh air, the birds chirping outside my window early in the morning, the highly accessible beaches, all the sales, good food, good coffee, going clubbing with my friends, going out for dinners or lunches with friends, etc.

I wonder how my trip will go. Hopefully I don’t gain too much weight! Haha!

Notice the reflection


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