It’s been a while.

Stuff and Bother:

1. Who says I matured?

So, the horror story goes like this. My friends and I finally arrive in Manila, greeting the heat and the overcrowded airport with much optimism and happiness. We’re so excited to be back, we couldn’t stop smiling. Then we head off to the luggage counter. A lot of bags are there, being cycled around, waiting to be picked up. We wait. And wait. Hey, that bag looks the same. And wait. I’m starting to get dizzy watching the not so-merry go-round. And wait. There’s the bag again. My friend gets restless and decides to look around…

Then BOOM. The news. Our bags were left in Brunei because OUR AIRCRAFT WAS TOO SMALL.

Everyone is in a rage. They have to go home to the province tonight, they have a meeting tomorrow, they’re attending a party, they have no change of clothes. Okay, what do we do?

They all started filling up reports. I just couldn’t believe this was happening. Why. WHY???! While my friends were doing the responsible thing and asking the officials about specifics…

I walked to a corner and cried.

Yup, really mature of me.

I think what triggered this display of not-very-mature self was my Godfather’s call. I felt bad making him wait for so long (and he came straight from Subic!), I was stressed and tired, I just wanted someone else to deal with everything.

After getting myself together, I finally found an official who assisted me with my report. And 20 minutes later, we were out.

I got my luggage the next night, Thank God.

I wouldn’t have made it without Maxinne, Tonio, Renz and Angelo. You guys were an awesome help!!! *group hug!*

The Brunei Crew 🙂

2.Large is too small

Because the stupid airplane crew in Brunei went along and decided to leave give our luggage an extended stay in their country while we flew ahead to the Philippines, I had no change of clothes for 1 day.

My first time back in the mall- SM Makati- I felt like I was going to burst! I got used to the Westfield malls where in all you need is a few steps, a few turns and you’d automatically find what you need. There were so many people and so many things in SM! I actually got a head ache just looking around! But all goods, I’ve waited for this moment…shopping!

But lo and behold, the first shorts that I tried out was too small. And the size was Large 😐
3. Food Tripping
-I am going to get fat, period. No wonder large shorts don’t fit me anymore.

Yellow Cab


Pepper Lunch



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