Waking Up.

2 weeks in, and I’m still stretching and rubbing my eyes, trying to wipe off the last remnants of sleep and dream that has kept me in this little, safe bubble of a life.

Honestly, it’s not my cup of tea, but it’s making me realize how weak I am and how very sheltered I was, growing up. And I understand why, but I’m also (sort of) thankful for the experience because how else could I live my life if I never wake up?

It’s a growing up thing. I may not have enjoyed every minute of it, but looking back, I believe it was a valuable and necessary part of learning how to be independent.

Metaphorical much? I’ll let the photos do the talking now.

My favorite little girl, Giann 🙂


These kids were so talented in dancing!

Smile 🙂

Playing 'Caterpillar'

Face-painting. Hearts, clowns, and dragons!

I admire everyone who goes to that area weekly to visit the kids.

I admire my best friend who organized the Christmas party for them.

I admire the kids, who given their living conditions, still manage to laugh, smile, and be very polite to everyone.


Thank you, I think I just found inspiration.


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