The Year We All Fell in Love 2

I always write year-enders, just to make sure I wouldn’t forget all the special ups and the downs which has made me stronger. So here goes!

An excerpt from my New Year 2010 entry:

2010. Fresh start. Oh, maybe that could be my somewhat mantra of the year. 2010 should be The Year of Fresh Starts. The year of getting back on my feet. I’ve adjusted pretty well last year, now I know what I’m up against, I’m more familiar and comfortable with my surroundings, I’ve grown closer to my friends, I’ve learned to be more assertive (which was part of my 2009 resolutions), and more or less, I’m getting a vague idea of what I want out of Life, and who I could be, for myself, and for everyone around me.

I loved 2010! It felt so good to finally be able to feel like I belonged in my new home. I was no longer an unfortunate castaway in a strange land. New Zealand slowly grew on me, and soon enough it felt like Life was back to normal.

My 2010 Highlights:

1. Something as good as this is. I love theater! It was part of my list to be able to watch a play and a concert. I was incredibly happy I got to watch RENT! It’s my favorite stage play of all time (I love the movie version too). I love all the songs! I watched with B, back when we were still beating around the bush, haha!

Dream come true! :D

I was also able to watch Miss Saigon with my WTF family! The road trip was awesome! And the Miss Saigon made me cry. Nice story, amazing props!

Finally, what I thought I’d never be able to do last year: watch a concert of an artist I actually like. I almost died of happiness when I heard Adam Lambert was coming to New Zealand. So I watched the concert with my mom. It was crazy! I loved every minute of it (okay, maybe except for the part where we had to wait for a million years to be let in the stadium). Adam is the hottest gay man alive. I love Adam!

2. We are family. My year with the girls started with lots of nights out, clubbing and partying (this was the year we were able to convince Karyn to join us). During the day we’d go to the beach. Our barkada grew this year, and it made me very happy. I love how cramped we’d get when we’re all chilling in someone’s living room. I love our inuman nights. And I love all our random dates. This year was Dom’s baptism. This year, Kg, Kurin, Owy, Dexter, Tonio and Louis (a.k.a B) joined the gang.

3. Study hard, party harder! I became more active in FSA (Filipino Students Association), and organizing events was really challenging but fulfilling as well. I’m so thankful to have had Rachel for a partner in organizing the parties. It was very tiring, but at the end of the night, seeing a club full of happy people was more than enough as a job well done!


I also continued my part time job as a Girls in Science tour guide in uni. This year was much better because Marnelli was with me. Free pizza for 2 days! Plus fancy food and wine left overs from the faculty dinner. Just like last, last year!

And finally, this year I realized that Med really wasn’t for me. I took two Bio classes during the first semester, and although I immensely enjoyed some parts, I was almost always questioning myself. I wasn’t that interested to devote my time and become a doctor. I really want to become a Psychologist. 🙂

3. Controversial. Another one of my Life’s Goal: Get something published that actually has an impact on society. The “I’m a Filipino, and I’m not proud” article of mine really caused a stir. Even my own Ninong said it was controversial. I even received a Facebook hate mail about it…during my first day in school! It made me learn a lot about myself and the Filipino people. First, love is different from pride. We can’t be proud if clearly, our own country men are suffering and we are choosing to turn a blind eye on it. I just want to inspire people to act. To say enough is enough. No more corruption. No more killing. Secondly, this experience made me grow as a writer. This was the first time I have experience people with strong opinions against what I wrote. My parents told me how you can’t change everyone’s opinions, no matter how hard you try. I guess what’s important is that if you know it’s right, stick with it. Panindigan.

4. MANILA!!! I was able to save up for my trip. After two years, I was finally able to see all my friends and relatives again! I really missed Christmas and New Year, Pinoy style (I still miss my family and barkada back in NZ though! Sana puwede nalang icombine lahat!)

4. July 10, 2010 . The best surprise in my life. I love you. Enough said.


So thank you, 2010! So far, you’re my favorite year! I look forward to 2011! I’m ready now!

Cheers to my lovely friends, all over the world!

Cheers to my family!

Cheers to new experiences! And cherished memories!

Happy New Year!!! 🙂



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