Did you know I love fresh starts?

Back in Auckland! It’s actually quite hot. I miss having the opportunity to use air-conditioning.

For the past… 3 days I think, I’ve been sleeping like an infant. Okay, maybe not an infant, but a person with jet-lag. Last night I slept at around 3am and actually got up from bed at around 2:30pm the next day. Tomorrow, I need to at least get up before 11am…there’s chores to be done!

I miss the Philippines. I miss being room mates with one of my best friends, Jill. I miss Zagu, I miss Yellow Cab, I miss being able to go out almost every night.

Oh well. Doesn’t mean I didn’t miss my room (which was tidied up a bit today), my family, and my own barkada here. I actually partied during my first night back, and as usual, had an awesome time.

Now, time for some lists. Being the almost obsessive-compulsive person that I am, I need to set goals!

(some of the things I thought of so far which seemed fun/necessary to do)

1. Learn to cook/bake something new every month.

2. Buy one good novel every month.

3. Start saving up for random trips to random countries.

4. Invest on a good winter jacket…and good winter boots too.

5. Start any form of physical exercise once again.

6. In relation to #5, try eating as healthy as possible!

I don’t know when I’m going to start this diet thing though. B and I are going out for a movie tomorrow night, and I’m just so excited for Indian cuisine once again…butter chicken, here I come!

(p.s. If anyone knows any good books, or easy and fun recipes, just lemme know!)


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