I’ll be in the Stars

My year so far:

  • I’m early! Lately. For the last two or three weeks since my return to work, I’ve been arriving early. Earlier, in fact, than everyone in the office, which makes me feel like finally, I’m working like a professional. And feeling all professional-y gets me that child-like, giddy excitement…”Look Ma, I’m all grown up!”
  • In relation to work-happiness, free cups of coffee early in the morning is a surefire way to get me to a good start. But you know what? I bet nothing will beat the free M&M’s I got last Friday. See, I’ve been a really good assistant lately, answering phone calls, and emails too. So this one lady I was in touch via email for the past week came in the office and greeted me by name. I probably looked confused, because I was trying to remember if I knew her when she introduced herself as the lady I was conversing with in the email. Okay. So I explained to her what we were going to do for her documents, and then after that, she just magically pulled out the most delicious little treats from her purse: M&M’s! It was really sweet, that random act of kindness from a stranger. All the best to her!
  • The car was invented by man. That’s why it’s harder for women to learn. Then they complain about female drivers. Asian female drivers. This stereotype is seriously affecting my performance. Although I guess I’m improving in ways…but really, what happened in the car last Friday with B was such a close call… I promise to write about all this and submit it to Reader’s Digest once I get my restricted license.
  • I now have more work to do for FSA. Sometimes I feel like my position should be renamed to “All Around-er”. I can make posters, provide and relay information and announcements to customers…and help organize events…this point sounds very much like a …
  • …CV, because lately, I’ve been applying for jobs as well. I realized my cover letter and CV sounds oh-so-egoist, but what else can I do? I need to sell myself, I want a job!
  • My legs are still a bit sore, but I will go out for a jog again today. I can’t believe I tire after 5 minutes of moderate jogging. I can’t believe (still) that I gained so much weight back in the Philippines. Boo. I have been avoiding rice though during dinner time, and I don’t know if that’s working. Lately, I’ve been really grumpy and snappy towards B during our midnight phone calls… I’m attributing that to hunger, sorry B!
  • And it’s almost Valentine’s Day! I’m sure I don’t have to remind you how sappy I am. I’ve been looking for some fun activities to do, and I think I found one! Just have to run it through with B before anything. *fingers crossed* 




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