Drive me away, ‘coz the night just feels right

I have a feeling I say this every year but… aw, I can’t believe it’s school again. Just looking at all the course outlines, first lecture slides, announcements, etc. makes me sick. Actually, I felt very stressed out today. Plus my neck is aching. Oh, joy.

On the bright side, I finally acquired a larger, wider, study desk for the new school year. B and I picked it up last Wednesday and we cleaned it up and assembled it in my room. It fits perfectly and I’m so psyched that there’s enough space for my legs to Indian-sit without touching the top part! Best of all, the desk was free! It was a hand-me-down from my Boss, who told me not to spend money and to take her old desk instead. She said it was her lucky office desk from Hong Kong. She’s the sweetest Boss.

Now, all I need to satisfy my OC-organizing needs are storage boxes. I have a lot of clutter in my room, stored haphazardly under my bed. It looks pretty neat on the outside, but it gets pretty ugly when I have to dig through my items under the bed when I need something. I just can’t stand it when my room is messy.

It’s my little brother’s birthday dinner (Chinese take-away! Mmm), then I’m off to see the gang. I hope it’s sunny tomorrow. And I think I want to swim. I’ll make the most out of tonight and tomorrow… sun-bathing, swimming (maybe), picture taking, and simply hanging out…

before school starts, boohoo!


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