You feel like Paradise.

We’re now coming into the second week of University! I can’t say how glad I am about buying that recorder on 2-hour lectures are crazy. I made the mistake of sitting in the middle during one, and I had to excuse myself during the break. I can’t believe all those people before me didn’t want to get up and stretch! I had to pass through 5 or 6 girls, I think. Lesson learned, sit on the edge!

Bio-Psychology, you intimidate me. I thought I had an advantage, seeing as how I took a couple of Stage 1 Biology papers during my first year… but no. Nucleus, chromosomes and DNA just don’t come naturally to me. Boo. But I’m pretty sure that given a little study-time…we’ll get along. We have to.

Personality Psychology was fun! 2 hours was a breeze… or that might have been the caffeine working up. Imagine getting to uni at 8am… I know some of my friends have done it already, but this is actually my first time having a class that early. Leaving home before 7… I can’t imagine how I’d be come winter. But I made it to school before 8, and actually had time to buy myself a cup of coffee, and a cookie! Plus having one of my favorite professors handle the first section of the course was a big plus. He’s so not boring. And he just turned 59 last Friday!


Shopping is fun. Especially with friends! I just realized that I’m more prone to spend when I’m with the girls…which can help me with one of my New Year’s resolution: Don’t be too stingy. I was actually able to purchase the type of necklace that I’ve wanted for so long, and also a high waist skirt!

I still wish I could shop without having to worry about how much I’m spending. Not that I’m not happy with what I have. I’ll do it little by little… after all, pimping up my wardrobe is one of my resolutions for the year.


It was a rainy day today, and thankfully, we didn’t need to go anywhere. I’m quite happy because B got to stay and chill with us today. I was adamant, but he got around to convincing me to try out FIFA with him and my other brothers. We teamed up… and lost during the first game. It was crazy fun. I kind of hurt my thumb pushing into the analogue stick too hard in the belief that it will make the players run faster. But! I was able to score 2 goals during the second game, and we actually won! Woohoo!

Just in time to pick up the KFC!

We watched American Idol afterwards. B and I had different favorites and… well… I’m more cautious now because I know just how personal AI can be to me (recall: the overseas argument/ childish debate I had with my Ateneo friend. That was insane)… So… fine, make fun of my favorites.

I’ll. try. not. to. care. (damn it).


So when tomorrow comes by, it’s back to reality. It’s back to hitting the books, and organizing events, and walking and stressing and hopefully losing all this summer weight. Cheers to this school year! And I hope B gets the job he really, really, really wants! I saw this couple on the bus last Friday, the man in corporate attire, and the girl with a backpack. The girl turned out to be my classmate, and it made me realize that soon, I’d be the girl with the backpack, holding the hand of a man in corporate attire. It kind of makes me sad… must be all this graduation going on (because if we had stayed in the Philippines, I would have been done with university by now).

But alas, that’s Life, and we’re all here to make the best of it. I’m not complaining. I’ve got a great life -despite of the terrible cramps going on right now- and I’m thankful! ❤

All for now!


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