It’s Friday!

Okay, that was probably an over-kill.

Mid-semester tests are coming up in around 2 weeks, and I think so far, I’m doing alright. Last night, I had a dream which I bet would have made Freud, or any other psychoanalyst for that matter, excited to interpret and figure out exactly why Burger King and the media (…and some *toooooot*) came up.

I’m now on to brainwashing myself with Carl Rogers’ Humanistic, or Person-Centered therapy. It’s good progress. Hopefully, I won’t be too much of a slacker during the weekend.

I felt quite lonely in Level M when I realized that whichever way I turn, there were no people left. Which meant I was studying alone (2 girls came up after I decided that I’ve had enough of the textbook…I mean, it is Friday, and ever since, I have conditioned my self that it was a day where in I could truly feel guiltless for not studying).

Do you believe in the end of the world?

I do, but I’m hoping it won’t be any time soon. And that if ever it does occur, I’d be with my family…and B. And I’m hoping to be with my friends as well, but that’s a long shot.

My brother and I were suddenly worried about predictions of earthquakes that might hit Auckland (my mother clarified this and said the predictions were meant for Christchurch again). We quickly thought of easy escape routes out the house, and we felt that the best way was to jump out our windows…to which our mom replied, “The door to the house is not that far, why do you need to jump out the window? ”

For a dramatic escape of course!

My dad then added that our house was probably built from light material, so we might not get squished.

Eeek, I really hope not.

What worried me was having an earthquake at uni. I have classes in the library basement. And how many floors does the library have all in all? …uhm, I’m not really sure, but there’s a lot. I don’t want to be caught down the basement. So I sit on the edge, never in the middle as it will make it harder to escape.I thought I should make it a point as well to make sure that my water bottle is always filled to the brim, you know, so I won’t have to go all 127 hours.

On a lighter note.

I finally went to the gym after almost a month of telling people I would. Marnelli and I went yesterday, and I pretty much adapted a “monkey-see, monkey-do” behavior. What she did, I copied. It wasn’t so bad. Quite inspiring really, I do hope I follow through with it towards the whole year.

Well I guess that’s all for the moment. I’m currently waiting for B to arrive from work. Apparently, the light showers predicted by the weather people decided to say hello in the afternoon, causing traffic for everyone wanting to get home and start their weekend (weekend!)

Id: I want food

Ego: Control your urges!

Super-ego: Actually, I’m hungry too.



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