Let’s try coherence.

I’m so hungry. I want to forget about my current drive to look sexy and just gorge on McDonald’s fries, nuggets and cheeseburgers. Oh, and a sundae too. I’m so hungry I think I’m gong to faint. I had five pieces of sushi for lunch, and 2 chocolate covered cookies with raspberry filling during our 2-hour lecture break. The cookies weren’t satisfying. I guess I got used to eating them as a dessert (I have a sweet tooth, so does the rest of my family) to a delicious, warm meal.

I’m hungry, but my jeans are getting quite tight. Not good.

So, in an attempt to control this hunger pangs, I stayed (and currently am staying) in the library. After discovering that we had no tutorial, I texted some friends to see if they were available for a snack…cup of coffee maybe? But no. This was a sign. I had to stop snacking. Choosing to endure this grumbling tummy did have a benefit. I was able to finish typing up one of my assignments due on May (I wanted to finish that one so I could concentrate on another homework). 999 words. Safe, and just one word under the limit.

Today I found out that I actually did buy the exact, same jacket as my friend, K. Whoops. I’m really sorry, K. I had a vague feeling when B picked up that jacket that you already had one, but it looked so good on me, I prayed to the universe that maybe yours was a slightly different color. Oh well. Let’s pretend we’re really close sisters. Or dancers, like you said. Whichever way sounds good.

All of my friends from back home are either working, or gallivanting across the continents. I really wish I get to travel after I graduate as well. Where will I get the money? Where do they get the money?

Where will I go first if ever I get the opportunity to? Oz maybe, since it’s the nearest. Europe please! Or Greece! Or Brazil!

B’s supposed to be arriving in ten minutes. I wonder how he’ll take arriving to a grumbly, empty-stomached, girlfriend.

Oh well. He has to be used to this by now.


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