Neurotic people keep blogs.

Or at least, are most likely to.

Lately I’ve been going through the up-again moods, then the down-again moods, to the point that I just felt so depressed, I believed the world was hopeless (it was because of that naive, racist person on TV, who’s name is not worthy of mention). Yep, neurotic people tend to have irrational thought processes, and a lack of composure during times of stress. I found myself crying one time for no apparent reason, and experiencing an increased heart rate just because I was thinking of how I’d write my latest assignment. It’s stress, alright.

I wanted to just throw everything away, and stay in bed. Another sign of neuroticism, and even possible depression.

I so badly want to graduate already. I envy all my friends who are travelling around the world now. One day, that will be me. I just have to make a plan.

Point A: struggling in uni —-> Point B: Graduation —-> Point C: Freedom!!!

Now, how to get from A to C.

Just take it all in stride, I guess. I know I’ll miss this all one day, but for now, the best thing I could do is know that I’ll be alright. I’ll be alright, I know I’ll make it. Must.not.give.up.

On the flip side, we tried the KFC Double Down today, and it was overrated. I wish I just had ice cream.


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