It’s funny how I start finding my Psychology lectures more applicable to everyday life. Today we had a discussion on the Social Cognitive Theory, which theorizes that we are affected not just by genes, not just the environment, but by the context as well, what’s social.

Hopefully I don't have a peanut for a brain

I found the part about how people see intelligence interesting. The way we view intelligence will affect the way we set our goals. If you think intelligence is fixed and stable, our solely based on your abilities, then you’d probably be setting performance goals. If you think intelligence is flexible, and can change and grow, then you’d probably be setting mastery goals. 

People setting performance goals are concerned with nothing more than doing a good job, or getting a high grade in school. They are less likely to choose hard tasks for fear of making mistakes.

People with mastery goals want to learn more, not afraid of making mistakes, and value the effort and process more than the ability. They are willing to try hard tasks, and answer a lot of questions in order to add to their knowledge.

The sad thing is, I think I’ve set performance goals for myself. It’s domain specific, say if I believe I’m not good in math, then I won’t be as upset if I didn’t achieve a high score. I know I’m not that good in math (although I know I can do better if I work hard).

But I believe that I’m good in writing.  And now results are back, and I scored really low, and I just feel like crap. I thought I worked hard on it. I thought my flow and structure were correct. Now I feel like giving up. Maybe my essays were crap all along.

Crap. I’m so disappointed.


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