Today I turned 22.

And it wasn’t really a big deal. The other night I was feeling giddy (both from finishing the exams, and anticipating my birthday), that while washing the dishes, I blurted out, “Aw, last time I’m washing the plates as a 21 year old.”

To which my younger brother, J replied, “I thought we were already past that stage! Last meal, last shower, last tooth-brushing…”

I have never really felt that mature yet. I have a feeling that as long as I’m under my parents’ roof, I will always act like a kid,

one way or another. As I was walking to the dairy today for some sushi and pastries, I thought about how sheltered we were. And this time, I was thankful. I have a good life. My parents gave me a good life.


Another friend, through her creative way of sending me my birthday greetings, made me realize how lucky I am to have a lot of amazing people in my life. And it’s true, I do have two lives. No matter how long we’d stay here in NZ, a part of me will always long to go back to the Philippines. The cool thing is, both here and there, I am loved. I have two homes, with two loving families, can I get any luckier?

So to everyone who greeted today, thank you.

Even if you didn’t, if you know me and if you are a part of my life, thank you.

And of course, the biggest THANKS goes to Him up there, who gives me blessings everyday, not just on my birthday. Thanks, Lord!


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