Two and a half weeks of vacation has done it. Not that I’m complaining of lack of work load (in fact, I’m already on the verge of dreading the coming semester), it’s just that I feel like I’m too lazy, even for my own good. I need to do something.

Reading around the blogs of my friends, and the ones on the WordPress homepage has made me realize that my blogs are very…bland.

I didn’t actually intend this blog to have a wide audience. It’s just my way of jotting down my daily thoughts, reflections, rants. Just like a diary, because I’ve kept one ever since I was in the second grade.

Now though, I feel like I just have to do something. It doesn’t need to be earth-shattering and ground-breaking. I just want a purpose. I want to find use for all the notebooks I purchase. I want to start having plans for a project of my own.

But almost everybody has written about almost everything…

I will be back. With an idea.


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