We’ll all float on alright.

Ups and downs are the best way to go.
Last night, I was feeling mighty useless. Most of my friends are either working on their careers, developing their own original projects, or making awesome memories and travelling around the world. And where was I? On my bed, facing the laptop, Stumbling, or Tumblr-ing the night away, lost in desires and wishes. I want to be in those pictures. I want to produce something worthwhile. I want to create positive change. I want to be original. I know everybody does.

I used to be afraid of trying. I wasn’t that great of a writer. I wasn’t a big Somebody. I didn’t have wonderful experiences, and I couldn’t tell you about exotic places I’ve been to. I didn’t think I was worth publishing.

Thankfully, Idecided that the people who were published were those who wanted to be heard. They were confident, stubborn, and determined enough to call your attention and say, “Hey, I’ve got something to say. It’s not a waste of time, I promise.”

Have I ever told you that I want to entertain people? I used to write a lot of teenage, romantic stories, of the comedy kind. I’d jot them down in a school notebook, and pass it around class, to the classmates who were interested and didn’t mind sparring a few moments of their time. 

I loved their reactions. I loved making them feel all excited and tingly inside. They were my inspiration, my friends and classmates. Good readers are like the fuel that gets the car running (corny metaphor, I know). 

Strange, but I guess wonderful things have happened today. It’s just one of those times that the Universe seems to be in your favour.

Everything is just…right.

My mind is in a jumble right now, as can be seen in my non-related sentences, but I shall come back and be more specific. It’s a start. I need to keep on writing.


We’ll all float on alright.


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