Room full of…

Today I finally got to declutter my study desk, cabinet, and everything else I stuck under the bed (because I was too lazy to put them anywhere else).

I always remember my mom whenever I start cleaning/organizing my space. Pakiramdam ko ang gulo-gulo ng buhay ko kapag hindi maayos yung gamit ko (I feel like my life is a mess when I don’t organize my things).

There’s still a lot going on in my room, but I’m pretty happy with the arrangement. There are 3 huge plastic bags filled with papers (including papers from my high school years, back in the Philippines!), and one bag of trash (pens, batteries, clothing tags, etc.)

And so,  I started my mini-project at around 1pm, with Incubus’ Drive playing in the background. It seemed to be the perfect song, with everything that’s going on in my life right now. Time to take charge again!  should be the one behind the wheel. 

Anyway, so I found lots of interesting stuff while clearing out space. I am such a pack-rat…

safety-pins (I don’t know why I have that much)…

…lots and lots of pens, paper-clips, post-its, etc. etc. I can make my own mini-stationary store!

… some of my articles that got published…

…lots of little notebooks I’ve collected…

My Beauty and the Beast music box from Disney World, Harry Potter stickers…and a few US dollars!

…boxes and boxes of letters, photos, and other memorabilia. I love shoe-boxes…

… and my old Jazz shoes from high school! I miss dancing!

So there. In honor of the next semester…which will be the start of my FINAL year in uni! woohoo! Clean room, good clean start! I felt really positive about finally being able to lessen all those things I’ve kept over the years. I feel lighter 🙂

Next project: My closet.


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