I’ll be back.

I’ve been busy/stressed/over-eating lately. But that’s okay because after this week, we’ll be having our mid-semester break! I can’t wait! For starters, I can finally work on that Psychology blog that I’ve been wanting to do for so long with a very good friend of mine. Spring is almost here, which means longer days, more sun, and a (generally) warmer weather! I can say goodbye to my boots, scarves, winter jackets soon! Hello slippers, sandals, and shorts!

I’m loving Psychology. I’m pretty sure now that I’ve chosen the career path that’s right for me. I was doing my Human Neuroscience paper last week and it made me remember why I didn’t take up Medicine. It’s too technical for me. I’d rather spend my time learning about the human mind, personality, the dynamics of interactions, and mood disorders! There’s just so much more to the human person than drugs and neurotransmitters.

I’m looking forward to getting more exercise after the tests and assignments. Too much choco mallows, etc. is bad for the tummy…and (eep) the skin!

My thoughts are going everywhere. Alright, until the next blog!


Have a break 🙂


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