Finding Balance

1. It’s okay to treat yourself to chocolates, ice cream every now and then…

… as long as you take care of yourself with exercise and a healthy balanced meal too.

2. It’s okay to be lazy and indulge yourself with crazy-amazing afternoon naps…

… as long as you are able to get back on your feet and do the things that you have to do.

3. It’s  okay to be jealous of your friends because of the impossibly good luck that they have…

… as long as you realize that you are lucky too, and greatly blessed, in God’s own way.

4. It’s okay to lust after all the good clothes, stylish shoes, bags, accessories, etc. (After all, we are girls)…

… as long as you know in your heart that the things you need most can’t be satisfied by material goods.

5. It’s okay to have tons and tons of ideas and have no clue where to start…

… as long as you work your way around them and eventually begin by taking the first small steps.


Oh sem-break, the things you do to me. Sometimes I wish I could just stay in vacation mode forever.

But I know I’m meant for big things. We all are.

Perseverance. Determination. It goes a long way.

Don’t forget.


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