Couple more steps, and I see the roads ahead.

Well, I’m currently into two-thirds of my second to the last year in university (undergrad, that is). Dozens of assignments, and a couple hundred of journal articles later, I realized with a mixture of fear and excitement that this will be my life. This will be my career. They’re no longer just assignments to me (this realization might have come earlier for some people, but who knows why it hit me a bit later), now they’re a preview of what I’ll be doing for possibly the rest of my life (will I have a career change?).

Sitting on a computer, typing, finding the best ways to effectively skim a journal article and pick out the best bits of it because you’ve got, oh, around a dozen more to look at for one research paper.

It’s all good. I’m even starting to enjoy it. Sort of.

On the flipside, ducks have come back to bathe in the waters of the fountain in Albert Park. Well, I only saw one this morning, but it was enough to distract me from running to a class (that I was already late for, mind you).

Ah, I’ll be swimming in the cool waters of the beach (not the fountain!) soon too. Just a couple more research papers and exams left for this semester!


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