Happy Wednesday!

Only a few minutes left before this Wednesday ends actually, but let me tell you about today.

As I was walking up towards Albert Park (almost late for class), I decided to take the Link bus to Uni (because I have proven that the Link bus IS quicker than walking up Albert Park, even if walking is healthier…hehe. And besides, I was almost late).

While waiting at the stop, I noticed two British dudes greeting everyone a “Good morning!” Eventually, they came up to greet me and was apparently amused that I enthusiastically greeted them back. They even guessed I was Filipino. In the end, they called me the “Filipino Girl with the Pink Back-Pack”

The bus eventually arrived. Good for me right? Wrong. I don’t why the bus driver failed to mention that she was going to wait for a repair man to fix her mirrors before we all went up the bus and paid for a ride we would never get (it was an automatic payment by card so we couldn’t get it back). I thought to myself, “Great, I just said goodbye to those two dudes, now I have to walk past them and see them again…awkward.”

But it was actually funny. As I ran past them (because this time, I really was late), they called out, “Hey! Seriously though, happy Wednesday!”

It kind of made my day. They were right when they said that smiling was alright because it’s free!

And after learning about all those neuro-degenerative diseases in Psych, I’m glad those two were there to brighten up the morning. We take a lot of things for granted, seriously. Thankfully, I got the chance today to step back and just… be happy.


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