Beautiful Mess.

There was nothing unusual about the bus ride home. I took a seat near the front, and as usual, had my iPod on (I had Jason Mraz with me for some good vibes). In front sat a young man. Honestly, he looked like your stereotypical youth who probably spent a lot of time with his mates gaming and skipping school. He held two PS3 games in his hand and had the backwards cap going on too (so stereotypical of me, I know). He propped up his feet on the chair in front of him.

After a few stops, a little old lady sat beside him. She started talking to the young man and I thought she was telling him off for propping his feet on the seats. But no. She just initiated a friendly conversation. And being the curious little person that I am, I started eavesdropping. Some parts I picked up was that the young man was actually from Dunedin (a long way from where I am here in Auckland), and that he was visiting someone.

“And who are you seeing here? You’ve come a long way from Dunedin,” the kind old lady asked.

“Uh, my wife,” answered the young man quite shyly.

“Oh goodness me!” exclaimed the lady, “Of course you would want to visit your wife!” she laughed.

Their conversation continued for the rest of the journey, with the lady chatting animatedly and the young man looking quite amused as he listened and responded. Finally, we arrived in Takapuna, and the young man said goodbye.

We saw him, as he went down the bus. He was greeted by a young woman, flying into his arms and hugging him tightly to greet him- his young wife.

The bus started to move again, and I saw the young man turn towards it, still embracing his wife, looking for the old lady inside. I saw him smile and wave when their eyes met, and the old lady in front of me stood up and waved enthusiastically to the young couple.

This made me tear up. Really, I don’t know why. The entire scene was just so heartwarming, I’m so thankful to have witnessed it.

I guess amazing things can happen when we decide to step out of our little bubbles or our comfort zones and reach out to a stranger. Share a moment with them, and make a long-lasting impression. It just makes life all the more beautiful.

Exams are coming up, and I guess with all the stress is this emotional roller-coaster that I’ve been on for the past weeks. I’m thankful for the little surprises in my everyday.

Actually, the best part of that entire bus scene was not the moment they’ve parted (although that really caught me).  As the bus continued on its journey, the old lady sat back down, and surprise, surprise…


propped up her feet on the seats.


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