Tonight we will again celebrate, another marker, another milestone. Every year, we allot one night where in we’re allowed (or maybe, even expected) to be reflective,  hopeful, thankful. We take a minute and reflect on the past 360 and so days that have gone by. We thank God we’re still here, still alive, because anything could have happened to us.

On a world scale, we’ve experienced earthquakes in Christchurch, and terrible, deadly typhoons in the Philippines. Tonight, before we say goodbye to the year, I will say a little prayer for all those whose lives have been claimed by Mother Nature.


This year, we’ve loved, and we’ve lost. Thank God I have these awesome set of friends who are there for each other 24/7. Many people come and go, so I’m very thankful for the ones that do stay. Thank you friends for sharing the laughter, and even the tears. Looking forward to sharing more years with you guys!

Christmas with WTF

My favorite Science girls

I’m very thankful as well for my friends overseas! Seeing messages from you guys always make me smile! I wish I could go visit Manila again! There are a lot of stuff that has happened to us over the past year, stuff that I really wished we were able to share face to face! But I guess we have to compromise for now. I’m just so thankful we’re all still in each other’s lives!

last New Year’s

at Palawan

my high school bud!

my best-est friends since grade-school!

my college buds!

I am thankful for family. We don’t choose our parents, nor our siblings, but we do choose how we’d nurture our relationship with them. Right now, we are on the verge of that family transitions, and I’m grateful for my parents for giving me enough space to grow, but at the same time, always providing their constant love and support…

… and for my three younger brothers too, for keeping me young at heart!

cookie and crazy!

This year, I’ve had a lot of new experiences. From surfing, to tree climbing, watching Jason Mraz live, and celebrating the victory of the All Blacks, I’m so, very, very, thankful that I got to do all those things with my Bubs!

Rugby World Cup!

kissed you up,up in the trees!

with Jason Mraz!

Thanks, Love. I know I must have been more than a handful, but with you, I never felt alone, and I know I will never be alone. You believed in me when I started losing faith in myself. You helped me to always think out of the box. You taught me to always consider alternatives, to be practical…and you’ve tried teaching me to drive (we need more practice, haha). I can always count on you whenever and wherever…and I’m looking forward to counting down the New Year with you later tonight! I love you 🙂

everywhere ❤

Happy New Year, everyone! It may just be another night, but let’s be thankful. Thank you, to everyone and anyone who has made a difference in my Life. Thank you for that smile, for that hug, for that time you shared with me. Thank you for the thoughts, the advice, and the support. Life goes on, and we’re still here! Enjoy tonight, and I wish everyone good health and happiness! God bless! xoxo


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