My Life and Surprises.

Let’s get this straight. I love surprises. I love,love, love them. I grew up being a hopeless-romantic, and I guess surprises are completely in the package. I swoon when I hear about people who get surprise flowers on their doorstep, little hidden notes posted here and there, a surprise dinner date, and of course, surprise birthday parties.

I’ve had a bad history with surprises though. As much as I love the idea, I always end up ruining it. For example, on my 13th birthday, my grade-school barkada decided to make this cute little poster for me and give it to me when we got to my house. While we were still in school, I already noticed how they ignored me and seemed to want to leave me out. When we got to my house, they all ran and rushed to my room. Now, still naive and a little immature then, I stomped my feet and shouted at all of them to come back down (they went up my room with shoes on!). My best friend was the one who was annoyed the most. When she got down the stairs, she shoved me the mini-birthday poster with an equally irritted “Here you go, happy birthday!”

Of course, we managed to salvage that and still have fun.

On my 18th birthday, I wanted a slideshow presentation consisting of pictures that depicted my life so far (cheesy, I know, but I’m sentimental that way). All I expected from my parents was simply that. But lo and behold, my mother had taken it a step further and actually rounded up all my good friends, familiy members and relatives and videotaped birthday messages from them. She even compiled videos of my high school dance club’s concert. From a slideshow, she had made an actual documentary, complete with narrations, videos, messages, pictures and theme songs!

It was an awesome surprise! Except we arrived in the bar early and when I walked in, the technician was double-checking the CD, and the video was already playing on all the TV’s there.

And before we left for New Zealand, my best friend had helped my mother organize a surprise despedida for me. One night, when we had a sleep over, she actually opened a message on her laptop that contained all the plot and planning! And I was looking over her shoulder. She quickly exited that screen, and for the life of me, I swear I couldn’t remember seeing the message…maybe my mind pushed it to my unconscious. I was still surprised when we got to the actual party, but my best friend remains a little doubtful as to whether or not I had really seen the messages.

I guess so far, the only surprise that had worked was the one from my boyfriend, back when he was still courting me. I woke up on the day of my 21st  birthday and found these lovely bouqet of red roses waiting for me in the living room:

Oh well, at least I’m not a complete failure. But keep trying guys! If I do get surprised for real, I will love you forever! ❤


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