Loving the Classics.

Every year the world gets divided up into two camps: those fortunate enough to have had Cupid by their side…

and those wishing to give away the baby cherub on adoption.

I see it on my Facebook news feed. It’s either, “Happy hearts day everyone, spread the love!” or “Today is Tuesday. Happy Independence day!”

I have always been on the “Happy Hearts Day” side. Even as a single girl, I was always up for the celebration (well, come to think of it, I’m really the type who’d just celebrate anything). I just love the excitement, the red and pink hearts everywhere, the atmosphere, and everything else that makes the day special! It’s always nice to break the daily routine. Looking forward to a slight change in your day is something I always welcome.

During high school and college, I’d always give and receive little tokens of love from my girlfriends. We gave each other endearing notes, balloon hearts, and stickers. When I was in college, the boys in our class gave every girl a rose. It was the sweetest thing, and I remember feeling very special that day.

My date 🙂

Fast forward to the time I finally became someone’s sweetheart. My boyfriend is not a fan of that over-commercialized day of the year. He doesn’t believe much in celebrating too. Why wait for that one day, when you can do it any day, he’d say. That’s the reason he gives me gifts on random days, and not during our monthsaries (this mini-celebration of togetherness, I’m aware, only came about in our generation, yes?). And his gifts are usually not the common ones. Some of his gifts (which of course, I loved dearly) were:

– pink fluffy electric slippers, which warmed my feet during the winter

– an electric blanket

– towels made from Egyptian wool

– a collector’s edition of Paulo Coehlo novels

– a rubber wristband watch

So you can just imagine my surprise come Valentine’s Day when he arrived home early from work. He even surprised me with a bouquet of red roses and chocolates (the ones that came in a heart-shaped, velvet box). We watched a movie (This Means War) and had pasta for dinner. Pretty standard, but I’d like to think of it as classic.

That’s enough for a sentimental, traditional girl like me. I’m very happy!

…and my only gift to him?  A card, of course!

sweet, huh?


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