The Ice Cream Cone Philosophy

I’ve just started uni again, and by the way, it’s my last semester! I don’t know if I’m dominantly excited to give it my all for this last haul through undergrad, or just lazy because all I want to do is to walk down Queen St. (for the Graduation March in October).

This semester is particularly challenging, because although I’ve got only three papers, I decided to divide up the remainder of my time between three other volunteer works. Hopefully, I won’t be as lazy as I was this week.

In an effort to make my life more meaningful (because lately, I feel like I’m once again in some sort of zombie-phase), I decided to check out the Psychology textbooks in our General Library. My aim was to find a Health Psychology textbook because there is no recommended one for the course. I did find a book, but it’s all the way in Tamaki, so I guess I’d pick that up tomorrow. What happened instead was I got two books that will be more of a leisure time- reading for me. I just realized that it’s been weeks since I last read a book (and that last one was a romance novel…guilty pleasure), so I thought it would be good for me to have something Psychology-related to read, that did not have anything directly to do with class.

I ended up with two books.

1. Illness by Havi Carel: Written on a personal perspective, it shares the story of the author and how she copes with her own illness. It has a philosophical angle as well, because it will discuss how illness is perceived in society. Quite a heavy read, but I’m up for the challenge.

2. Principles of Neuropsychological Rehabilitation by George P. Prigatano: Obviously, I wouldn’t be reading this page to page, but I just wanted a feel of what it would be like to be a Neuropsychologist. I really need to reflect about what I’d do after undergrad. I would love to study Clinical Psychology, but let’s be realistic, the chances of me getting into Honours for Clinical Psychology may be slim (and no, this is not pessimism). I need to check out other alternatives, while making sure that it’s something I’m passionate about. I quite enjoyed Human Neuropsychology, and I can imagine myself working with or research about people with brain damage. Hm.

So while walking back to my seat here in the library, I marvelled at how awesome it just felt to be holding books in my hands. Sure, today everything can be found on your laptops, or tablets, and I certainly am in love with my own Asus Transformer, but there are some things that I just would not be able to live without. Like coffee. Or books.

As I picked these two books from the shelves, I felt a certain energy travelling from the books, to my hands ( and while the possibility of sleep-deprivation remains a valid explanation for this certain feeling, I’d like to believe in the more supernatural one).

This is why I came up with the Ice Cream Cone Philosophy.
Everyone I know says that ice cream tastes better when it’s on a cone. Sure it may be messier and stickier to eat, but it’s more enjoyable nonetheless. Compare it to eating ice cream from a cup. Totally convenient, you can bring that cup wherever you are, and eat it at your own time. If it melts, you can just drink the resulting ice cream soup. No mess, but quite boring.

And it’s true that while you can read books from a tablet, or a laptop, it can never be the same. You can’t feel or personally mark the pages, you won’t get any old-book smell, and… I don’t know, knowledge doesn’t seem to be so tangible on the screen. Plus, like eating ice cream on a cup, you can permit some things to divert your attention. Just put the cup down and come back to it later. It’s like the internet. So many things to see and do and read at the same time.

If you’re eating ice cream for a cone, you can’t just drop it for a few seconds then come back to it. No, you have to hold it, stay with it, and eat it until you finish it. It needs your full focus and attention (ok, you can do some things while eating ice cream for a cone, but the main point is, ice cream cones call for more immediacy). While you can get distracted from a book, I find that I am usually more concentrated…and even relaxed when reading a book, as compared to anything on my computer. Maybe it’s also because a computer reminds me of work, and books…remind me of warm sunny days, and cool shades under a tree.

Well, you get it. So good luck to me, hopefully I can get some reading done in between all the other things I have lined up for this semester!


My books!


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