Wellington Weekend Trip

From now on, I’ll be creating posts documenting my travels! This includes any kind of travel, from road trips, to plane rides, local, to (hopefully) international! The Travel bug has caught up with me, and although these posts won’t probably be the most exciting, I promise it won’t be the least bit boring.

So let the travelling begin! First up, was the spontaneous trip that I took with my two good friends, Kate and Gavin to Wellington, New Zealand’s capital. Bubby, my boyfriend, and his workmate Owy (who happens to be a good friend of ours too) were already there on a 3-week business trip. Because I simply cannot stand the thought of being away from my Bubby for a good three weeks, and of course, because the opportunity was too good to miss, my friends and I decided to go over for a weekend visit.

Kate and I were actually never sure if we’d make it. One random afternoon, she called me and excitedly told me that plane tickets were on sale again on Grabaseat.  Without a second thought, we purchased our tickets right then and there.


We arrived with an early morning start in Wellington, and it was very windy! Bub picked us up in the airport and first dropped us in the hotel. He and Owy had to work that Saturday and so Kate, Gavin and I were left to our own devices for the first part of the day.

We walked the whole day (though their city central is relatively smaller than the one in Auckland, it was still tiring!) and basically just let the road lead the way.

getting ready to explore!

a church

interesting things on the way…

Italian lunch at a cafe called Scopa

After walking around town, we decided to head off to to the Waterfront in Queen’s Wharf. I must say, it’s so much prettier than the wharf we have here! We’ve been blessed with a sunny day, the atmosphere was just gorgeous!

shiny metallic balls!

cute little blue houses…are they for boats?

I think the best part of the afternoon though was when we decided to follow the people we saw riding these tricycles around the wharf. It took us a good 30 minutes I guess, of walking and guessing where they came from, until we finally found the shop! The Enormous Crocodile Trike! It was awesome! We got to sight-see without having to burn under the sun… the cool breeze was definitely the bonus!

Trike time!!!

The two working men finally caught up with us when we were in the Te Papa Museum. What amazed me there most was the display of the giant octopus- the biggest one ever found in the world! Can you just imagine that thing swimming next to you? I shudder at the thought.

nice octopus…

Kate and Gavin studying a giant map of New Zealand!

Louis and I…and this huge rock display!

Owy, Gavin and Louis (a.k.a Bubs), posing for a picture after the museum visit.

We went back to the hotel after that, so we could freshen up and prepare for the evening. Because we didn’t want to waste time looking and paying for parking, we decided to walk once again…and boy, was it windy! It’s so hard wearing a dress in Wellington!

More interesting things on the way…a zebra building!

Heart-felt dedications and farewell for one of Wellington’s iconic characters: Blanket Man.

More about Blanket Man here.

By the time we actually decided where to eat, we were already starving! KK Malaysian, the go-to Malaysian restaurant, as evidenced by the framed newspaper clipping about the restaurant. It wasn’t that bad, although I realized that I’m not a fan of too much coconut. I think everyone was hungry enough though to wipe every plate clean! We had a series of appetizers before our main course. I had the Beef Rendang.

One of our appetizers, Chicken Satay with peanut sauce!

Beef Rendang

Tummies happily filled, we drove to the top of Mt. Victoria. Did I mention it was windy? And cold. But the view was awesome!

too bad my camera couldn’t capture the awesomeness!

There’s always room for learning!

The boys playing around with an old cannon!

So after a long day, and a few more drinks back at the hotel, we finally settled in preparation for the next day. More photos for Day 2, coming up next!

Until next time!


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