The Perfect Lullaby.

This blog entry’s title is brought to you by Jessica Sanchez’s rendition of Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams (which is currently stuck in my head).

Happy April Fool’s Day! I can’t believe March has gone by already! Now there’s roughly 3 months left until I finish my undergrad! Time’s going by so fast!

Anyway, the last weekend of March was pretty eventful for me. It was my B’s birthday on the 28th, and we got to celebrate it during the Friday of that week. We had a combined party, because two other good friends also had their birthday last month. So it was a triple threat party!

I finally got to see the girls again!

This year, I decided to get everyone to help me out with B’s birthday gift. And it was a success! He was surprised! I’ve been waiting the whole month because I was so excited to finally see his reaction too! We got him the Samsung Galaxy Note!

Look at that huge grin…on my face!

Shiny new phablet (Phone +Tablet)!

The next day, we headed off to Hamilton to see the giant hot air balloons! The festival was called “Balloons Over Waikato”, and we were there for the ASB Night Glow show. We absolutely loved the classic-day-fair vibes!

We felt like giddy little kids. I rode this thing called the Round Up with my friends, Owy and KG. We were the only big people on that thing… but I think we screamed loudest (profanities included…whoops!) But it was so fun!!! Especially when we were totally perpendicular to the ground! Exciting!

Finally, it was time for the Night Glow show and fireworks! Basically, the hot air balloons were lit up in time to the music. They were huge! And the fireworks show was amazing! I wish they’d do that for New Year’s instead!

The giant hot air balloons!

I love fireworks!

But all good things come to an end… tomorrow’s another start of the week. Oh well, lots of things to look forward to. Goodbye March! You were awesome! I hope this month will be just as awesome!


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