Such a Weirdo.

Oh yes. Two more months until the semester finishes. Assignments are piling up… I’ve got four in May… and it’s exam time in June. I’m always like this. I get most excited for the first times, and for the last times.

For example, my first time as a University student…I’m nervous/excited because I think first years are very important. It’s when you try to settle in as best as you can. It’s when you start making impressions and letting everyone know who you are. You have to give your best because it’s like setting the stage for the rest of the years to come. And I always think that a good start is necessary to kick off the year.

And when it’s finally the last year… you’re nervous because somehow, you think you might just screw things up… like something’s about to happen when you’re already so near your goal. (Sshh, don’t jinx it!)

But of course, you also want to end with bang! (A good one, of course).

“You’re such a weirdo.”

A phrase often uttered (fondly) by my boyfriend. Indeed. For someone majoring in Psychology, sometimes I’m the one who is left most confused in certain situations. Sometimes I’m the one who can’t even handle my own emotions (when I’m meant to be a bit better at understanding everybody else’s).

And honestly, this post has no focus. I guess I’m just trying to say that everything seems like such a hurricane right now. Time will go by quickly, truly enough. But right now I just have to take it as it comes. Assignment by assignment, lesson by lesson. Until I reach that much awaited milestone in my life!

I’ll be graduating in October! And to think that I’ve started off my tertiary education back in 2007! I can’t wait to say “finally!” I hope the rest of this sem goes well!


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