Twenty Two Little Hearts.

If I were a cartoon, I’d be a cartoon in love, surrounded by red, pink, and the occasional blue hearts.
I’d draw a heart for every 10th we’d reach together, and soon I’d need a whole new page to fill.

22 hearts for 22 good reasons (or gut instincts, or just because) and here’s 22 good memories we’ve shared together!

22. Walking around the city past 12 midnight.

It was the 2010 Traffic Light party. B and I(along with two other good friends) left the party and decided to roam the city instead. It was a cool night. I remember walking towards the viaduct, the four of us in the process of becoming couples 🙂

B and I talked about family. The usual questions, like how many siblings do you have? Are you an only child or a middle child? What’s your favourite sport?

That night, I hinted that I didn’t have anybody to come with me to watch RENT. He was smart enough to sense my subtle, hopeful invite, and volunteered to attend the musical with me. Which leads me to…

21. Watching my favourite musical with my then soon-to-be-boyfriend.

In the middle of the show, he looked at me and asked why I had my bag on my lap…that there was space on the floor and I could put it there instead. I told him I’d prefer to hold it, partly because I didn’t want it dirty, and partly because I felt more secure holding all my stuff. He laughed and called it one of my little quirks.

20. Greeted with a hug after a long day in uni.

One of the things I had to get used to once we started courting was the way he’d wait for me after my lectures. 15 minutes before our lecture ends, my heart would already start beating like crazy, and I’d anticipate the moment the lecturer would wrap it all up. Then I’d find him standing outside in a sea of students, waiting for me.

19.The walks. The really long walks.

My bus stop is a long way from the university. In fact, you have to go down that steep hill known as Albert Park to get there. It was never easy, especially when you were already running late for lectures. But it can be an opportunity for reflective walks when you’re on the way home. I remember having to get used to sharing my path home with someone else 🙂 And learning to slow down on the way, instead of always rushing to my destination.

18. Marley

When B first told me about Marley, he described him as a “pig sleeping near my feet”. Marley’s the cutest, smartest dog I’ve ever met. Such a nice sight to see your man playing/teasing/annoying/cuddling his dog.

17. Serenades

Let’s face it. None of us were blessed with an extra beautiful voice. But when he hears a love song that’s appropriate for us, he sings it to me. And that’s always sweet.

16. Holding Hands

I’ve learned this gesture from my parents. Whenever B and I drive off to some place, I always have my hand on his lap as a sign of affection. When the traffic’s not too bad, I lean on his shoulder. As time passed by, it became a sort of tell-tale sign for him, that whenever I’m upset, I’d keep my hand to myself. And when I want to end an argument, I’d simply reach out again to let him know that I concede.

15. Dreams

I had a knack for remembering my dreams. He doesn’t. So every morning, if I had a weird dream, he’d be the first to know. After a while, he told me he could also remember some of his dreams as well!

14. Philippines and family

I’m so glad we planned our trip to the Philippines at the same time (and it was purely by accident!). When we went home for Christmas, he was able to meet my mother’s side of the family…the people who practically helped my parents look after and raise me. I was so pleased when my two grandmothers reported that they liked him 🙂

13. Shopping

He has really good taste in clothing. On one or more occasions, he bought me shoes or coats that looked really, really good on me. 😀

12. Attached

Friends joke that we are a little too attached because we are the type who’d be on the phone all night. It got to a point where I wouldn’t be able to sleep right away if I couldn’t hear him snoring on the other end of the line!

11. Rocking and Rolling!

Whenever we go to concerts where things tend to go a bit wild, he’d always stand behind me and wrap an arm around my waist. His other hand will usually be tapping along the beat on my collarbone. He’s my human shield…and the one who stops me from starting a cat fight and inflicting intentional bodily harm to all those unreasonably rowdy people.

10. Little Brother

It’s a big deal for me to have my boyfriend get along well with my three younger brothers. I’m glad he’s able to relate with each one of them! Sometimes, he teases my little brother, and they get into this “let’s see who’s more annoying” contest. Not surprisingly, B wins. And my little brother Josh remembered that before I met my boyfriend, he told me that the guy would pass his standards if he can stand a day with Josh without getting annoyed. When he realized that B can do exactly that, (and accomplish being more annoying than he is) he said, “OkayAte,he definitely is the right guy for you!”

9. Nerds

In relation to the last item, there was this time when I walked into my brothers’ room with a big pack of Nerds. I gave some to an overly ecstatic Josh and he told me that he’s been craving it for the whole week, and where did I get it? I told him I got it from B. As he popped the colorful sweet-sour candies in his mouth, he said, “Oh my gosh, Ate, you should totally marry him.”

8. Outside the Box 

As the eldest child, I admit that I’m used to everybody agreeing with me. There were times when I was so shocked when B had voiced out his own opinions on matters that I thought were unquestionable. Since then, I’ve appreciated his fresh and sometimes unorthodox take on things. He’s got perspective…although that sometimes lead us to a whole lot of…

7. Arguments 

He’d often question some of my Psychology knowledge. He’d question the validity… and I’d usually be up and defensive (because my professors said so!). Women’s rights and feminism are just some of the things we argue about. Religion is one too. All those things I assumed were right, he’d turn around. And yes, although I ended up being emotional at some point, once logic reigned in once again, I’d be thankful for having a new insight to think about.

6. Tears 

When I get upset while we’re driving, he’d find a spot where he can pull over and just take his time consoling me. He wouldn’t let me shrug off the problem. He’d want me to talk about it with him. He’d embrace me, comfort me, and tell me it’s okay. Without fail.

5. Honesty

That being said, we have a really honest relationship. I can’t keep any secrets from him.  When we fight, we talk about it right away. No hiding, no bottle-ing up issues. All out in the open, as soon as possible. No matter how small.

4. Swept off my feet

When I was a teenager, I always fantasized being carried and swept off my feet by that special someone. I remember when our barkada had this road trip to Hamilton, we were walking back to our place after Miss Saigon. It was night time, and the streets were empty. He spontaneously lifted me off the ground, and carried me to the middle of the street! Goofing around, twirling and laughing…that was fun.

3. Man on a mission

One of the things I really like about him: his drive and his determination to be great before he reaches 30! I’m already very much proud of him now!

2. Cozy

I love movie nights. Since all I ever watched before were the popular family ones, there were dozens and dozens of movies that B wanted me to watch.  I can’t even remember how many times he said, “This is my favorite movie of all time!” And truly enough, I’ve enjoyed most of them- from French indie films, to really, really old American ones. The latest one we’ve watched was Seven Pounds starring Will Smith. Such a disturbingly beautiful movie! Watch it if you haven’t seen it already!

1. Future

And for the fact that I’ve found someone who is willing to go through all the ups, downs, tantrums, excitements, adventures, tears, and laughs with me, I cannot thank God enough. I know I’m not perfect, and for someone to love me the way he does… well, that’s not something I’d be letting go of that easily.

22 months…and more!


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