On a side note…

Research can do funny things to you. My current paper is on how psychological knowledge can be applied to address certain health issues. I chose obesity. And apparently, the rates are alarming! And reading about how one can of soda can  add to your weight in 10 year’s time is ridiculous (… and here I am trying to deny it).

Anyway, it gave me enough motivation to finally try the new exercise CD I got with my credit card Hot Points (it was the best thing I could get with my points…the only other available item was a nose hair shaver). Luckily, it was a Hip Hop exercise CD! I really enjoy dancing, so I thought it could help add to my minutes of physical activity.

This is Jennifer Galardi, my new dance instructor. I like the way she breaks down the steps, although I don’t quite agree yet when she says that her dance moves will make me feel sexy in no time. I for one, will definitely NOT be trying those moves in a club. But the routine got my heart rate up, and I was sweating within minutes too. At least no one can see me. I must have looked so horribly awkward! Or awkwardly horrible, whatever. It was still fun 🙂


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