Blind for 40 Hours: Julian’s 40-Hour Famine

Every year, school children in New Zealand go hard out for the hungry and raise funds for people living in the most unfortunate areas. This program is the 40 Hour Famine, supported by World Vision, where in each one of the kids will be giving up something they love for 40 hours, and hope that others will be inspired by them enough and donate for their cause!

The money they will raise will go to countries like Niger, Mali, and East Timor, where starvation is common among many, and futures are scary and uncertain. In their case, small donations can really make a big difference.

This year, my brother, Julian, is giving up something that we all find valuable: his sight. On May 25, 2012, he will wear a blindfold for 40 hours and see nothing but darkness! Please help him make a significant difference for others by donating a few of your loose change here:

We would really appreciate it! In the meantime, I’ll be updating you all again when he actually starts his sight-famine. Sight is one thing that I’m afraid to lose, so I’m really proud of you, Julian, for choosing to do this!

Support my brother for the 40 Hour Famine!


2 thoughts on “Blind for 40 Hours: Julian’s 40-Hour Famine

  1. This is so inspiring, especially the fact that your brother decided to give up one of human’s most precious senses for more than a day. I hope your brother would have the strength to through this challenge and be able to inspire even more people for the benefit of the children in Africa. God bless! 🙂

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