Student Rally: Blockade the Budget 2012

Right now, the National Government is threatening to remove funding for education, making university a business, instead of a privilege and right for all. I actually thought (and dreaded) that not a lot of students would show up, but the NZ Herald reported that around 300-400 students showed up to block up the roads!

Here are just some photos I took with my camera phone.

True that!

Taking it out on the streets

People- students, union workers, staff- took turns talking to the crowd and inspiring everyone to stand up for something that they deserve to have, not something they must be able to afford. Blocking the road to university is sort of symbolic of what this government is trying to do, they’re definitely not making education accessible to everyone.

Bam! Road block right there.

 And I was quite amused when I saw this scribble on the ground, it’s a term that I believe originated in the Philippines when the people finally got tired of the dictatorship and demanded freedom and democracy:

 And finally, my favorite sign (scribble) of the day. What better way is there for a simple uni student to address their disgust, pent up emotions, and impatience than this:

You said it, bro.

p.s. If you want to see a live footage of what actually happened when they started, click here.


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