23 and the Real World.

Hello Readers! 

To bring you up to date, here are the major things that have happened so far! 

a. I am done with undergrad (finally!)  

b. I am now 23 years old! 

c. …so now the real world is out to get me

Although I am quite behind from most of my friends who have already succumbed to the real world a.k.a graduated and are working. I was held back a year because even if I’ve started my first year of college in the Ateneo de Manila University, I still had to start anew when I entered Auckland University the year later when we migrated here in New Zealand. No regrets though. I totally enjoyed my three years as an undergrad in A.U. It just made me fall in love with Psychology all the more! 

As soon as I finished my last exam (and that was in Health Psychology), I was immediately bombarded with these questions: What now? It’s postgrad time, but what will I specialize in? Will it give me a practical and stable job after PhD? Will I even go all the way to PhD? And a job. I need a job. Where can I find a job?! 

Suddenly the future intimidated me. I was always so keen to finish uni and start working because I always believed that it was easier to work than to study (though my boyfriend says otherwise). At least when you work, you don’t have to think about anything anymore when you get home? Unlike when you’re at uni, you have to bring your work home (homework!). And the anxiety when it’s exam time…just horrible. Ugh. But after that, it’s pure bliss. We get holidays. And that’s what my boyfriend argues, and I guess he’s right because I will miss holidays… unless I become an academic. 

So now it’s time to look for jobs, and do some soul searching. Also, read books, write more, organize my cabinet and my room, use the exercise/hip hop DVD again maybe learn to cook?

In the mean time, I had a very simple birthday day. The night before the 22nd of June, my boyfriend had spent the night in our house. I wanted him to be with me again to wait for the clock to strike 12 (and I’m very cheesy and sentimental like that)…just like last year. We watched Angels and Demons, a whole lot of Modern Family, and Once Upon a Time while we waited. And when it was 12, it felt like another new year for me!

chubby buddies 🙂

Then I had spent the afternoon with two of my awesome uni friends Marnelli (who co-blogs BrainBreaking with me) and Marfel. Sadly Darlene couldn’t make it because she was very busy. I met them during our first year as Science students in Auckland uni. Like me, they share a passion for the sciences, as well as some form of art (Marnelli loves baking and fashion, and Marfel loves… anime!).

We came across this cute little cafe in the corner of the street, Shakey Isles it was called. We absolutely loved the ambiance (and that’s something common we share as friends, the love for a good ambiance) and we were happy to have a cup of coffee any time during the day. The place seemed to emphasize their love of coffee so we went right in.

Mmm.. that above is the awesome coffee and chocolate goodness that is Whitaker’s Mocha. If you want to see more of our awesome lunch at Shakey Isles, Marnelli had blogged about it  here. 

We had a simple dinner at home afterwards with my family and boyfriend. We tried this Greek and Italian style pizza and pasta place in Takapuna which allowed take-aways. It was a small place, but their food was really yummy! I especially loved the Greek special! It was pizza with a whole lot of lamb, spinach, feta, sun dried tomatoes, olives, capsicum and a big dollop of Greek Yoghurt on every piece! I just realized we had eaten the whole thing before I was able to get a photo of it! Haha, next time I’ll make sure to have one of those again!

I had three mini birthday cheesecakes afterwards from Movenpick (a store specializing on Swiss ice cream), care of boyfriend. I didn’t expect them to be that good! I had strawberry cheesecake, Chocolate Banana and Mixed Berries. I’m only realizing now how much I ate on that day! Really, the only thing (or should I say person) missing on that day was my dad. He had to go on a business trip, but he called me that morning to greet me, so that’s all good!

Happy birthday to me! 😀 See those left-over pasta?? Food overload!

So there we have it. I guess I’ll just have to take it all in stride. I can’t believe I’m 23 *gasp*. I told myself before that I wanted to move out by the time I’m 25. Oh well, more musings on that next time!


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