Wellington Weekend Trip Part 2!

This is a continuation of my previous post on our short trip to Wellington. Now that I have all the time in my hands, I can finally update this blog on my travels!

So, remember, we flew to Wellington on a Saturday, and we were bound to leave the following day. We were supposed to wake up really early to see as much as we could, but because we had a few drinks and stayed up late the previous night, I think we ended up leaving at 8am instead of the planned 6am!

But anyway, it was still fun. We wanted to see the place where they made Kapiti Ice cream (only the yummiest ice cream in New Zealand). Instead of the actual factory, we ended up in a little tourist spot called Lindale (a group of elderly women on bikes had actually directed us here). There were many interesting shops so we spent the whole afternoon here.

There was a Kapiti shop, which is better than nothing, so that was our first stop!

The gang after enjoying our ice creams!

Next came this really colourful and sweet candy shop:

On the far end was a shop called Honey Meisters. They even had honey of different flavours which you could taste for free! It was really yummy. I tried the Clover Honey and Beenut Butta!

But what attracted us most in the shop was this:

We must have spent around 20 minutes just looking at all the bees! The beehive was so amazing! Haha, that sounds really geeky, but being able to see it up close was both… creepy and interesting. There were so much bees in there we couldn’t help but feel a little alarmed. We tried looking for the Queen Bee too… I think she was inside the hive with all the honey!

We had fish and chips for lunch, then headed off to the Weta Cave in Miramar. We were able to watch a short show on how people created all the props for movies. I never thought about all the work that goes into a single movie production! It was amazing.

One of them is my boyfriend. Haha!

Kiss the fish!

Lord of the Rings rings.

Finally, it was time for me, Kate and Gavin to head off to the airport. I really enjoyed this trip because it was spontaneous, and it was my first domestic flight in NZ! There is much left to explore in my new home, so I hope to be doing more of that!

Until next time!


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