Sugar Rush

It’s 11:30 at night and I just finished assisting my brother and mother in baking what was supposed to be cream puffs. We failed in injecting cream in the choux pastry (as what my brother calls it. I thought it was “shoe”. HAHA), so what we did instead was to cut them in half and turn them into a sort of pandesal with cream filling. Our chocolate sauce didn’t thicken as well, so it became used for dipping sauce instead (my brother apparently committed the common mistake of adding icing sugar, lots of it, to the chocolate sauce in the hopes of it thickening. It only made it a thousand times more sweet).

On the whole, it was still delicious. We made it with that cream cheese filling I found ages back when I baked red velvet cookies for my boyfriend. That filling has since then been used for icing on brownies, cakes, or dipping sauce for brownies, etc. It’s yummy.

So now, I think I’m having a sugar rush. I thought I was supposed to be tired because I’ve had two interviews today (with one of them lasting for two hours)! Today is quite memorable for me because it’s the first time I’ve received a formal job interview! I acquired my last job because of my parents, and although that gave me good experience, I wanted to move on and acquire a more mainstream kind of role. Here in New Zealand, it’s common for students to hold part time jobs, and I felt quite left out that I wasn’t able to maintain mine due to clashing schedules.

I’ve always felt that I was the least “grown-up” among my friends (from both my home countries) because they’ve all gone and got jobs, while I was still in university. Then again, I started late and finished late since we’ve migrated, so I guess it’s not really my fault. I’m just glad I finally get to be self-sufficient (sort of), even though I’m starting with a simple job.

This week has actually been exciting. After two straight weeks of writing, revising, searching, and applying for various roles, some of them have finally contacted me. And it seems like now, I *might* have a choice. Whatever happens, thank You God!

…and I still have my volunteer jobs…that I have to choose between too. If only I can do them all!

So it’s work for me until I start my postgraduate next year! Bring it on! 🙂


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