This is me, planting a tree in the northern most tip of New Zealand- Cape Reinga in Kaitaia (observe how my hair is flying carelessly in the wind!).  The plant  I chose was called Ake Ake which meant “forever and ever”. The photo was taken by my good friend, Owy!

In Maori culture, Cape Reinga is known to be the final earthly resting place of the spirits of their ancestors before they journey back to their homeland or Hawaiki. It’s easy to imagine how this myth was probably created. When you go to the very edge of the island, to where the famous lighthouse is, you’d see a vast expanse of sea. Endless sea. It is the point where the Tasman and Pacific ocean meet. Best to be out there on a sunny day. When  looking out from the lighthouse area, you just get a sense of wanting to move forward,  that there are unknown, yet greater things ahead. It’s that magical!

The lighthouse and the sea.

Kaitaia is one of my favourite places in New Zealand. There’s so much adventure waiting for you! I really had a blast when I went with my friends last summer. I’ll be posting more about my trip there soon! So stay tuned and until next time!


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