Why I love July.

This month has been awesome for me. Here’s why:

#1. July is our Anniversary month. We turned 2 years old this year! 


#2. As part of our Anniversary celebration, we went hiking in Rangitoto island on the weekend. It was an amazing experience! 


#3. We were able to eat in Orbit. A revolving restaurant situated in Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower for my papa’s 50th. 

Image#5. Ski Trip with my awesome friends! We spent the long weekend in Mt. Ruapehu… all 18 of us! It was awesome! 

Image#6. And finally, I got to try snowboarding thanks to Louis. My butt (and my arms, my legs, and my neck) really hurt afterwards, but I’m so proud of myself for being able to at least slide down the mountain little by little. I keep thinking of the feeling of snow against the board now. It was so much fun! 


So July, thank you. You’ve given me so much lovely memories to keep this year!


2 thoughts on “Why I love July.

    • Thank you! 😀 July is the middle of winter, but fortunately enough, it didn’t seem to be too cold this year! It doesn’t normally snow as well in our area, so up the mountains we go!

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