My Stand.

Maybe it’s because I’m now living in a country with a Western culture, but seeing all this debate back in my country regarding the RH bill is starting to infuriate me. Now the church is even threatening to strip Ateneo (my first university) off it’s Catholic-school status just because a lot of the professors are freely educating the students on what the RH bill really is about.

As one individual, this is what I take from what I’ve read regarding the RH bill. First of all, it empowers women. It gives women the CHOICE on how they would like to take care of their own bodies. The bill isn’t even imposing anything on anyone! It gives women the right to have the proper medical care, to be taken care of without judgement and criticism. It’s a way of preparing, and I dare say, being responsible! As a student of Psychology, I want equality. It’s really unfair how old men in authority can dictate how women should take care of themselves. If they give birth to children too, then maybe I’d consider their opinion.

It’s just that sometimes, I think those who are against the bill are thinking too primitively. So far I have heard no one solid argument that is in their favour. They spend their time condemning those who just want access to family planning, related medical care, etc., without thinking about the situation in which they are actually living in!

Here is a documentary from the BBC which currently describes the situation my country is in. If only we can afford to educate every child! We can’t! We are in poverty, and poor families have no way of giving their children a good quality life! At least with education (why is everyone so afraid of education?) they can make informed decisions as responsible adults, and make sure that when they are ready, they can offer their future children a life worth living.

This is just my stand, and I’m sure it’s more emotional than informal. I feel like I had to get it out because now, the church is threatening to punish free-minds, threatening to sack honestly good people. They believe in God too. I believe in God too. If you are against the bill and just happened to read this post, please, spare me of your heated debate. Find your own blog to rant on. I know you have your opinions, and I have mine. I can say that I have read up on this issue, enough to enable me to form an opinion on it anyway.

I just want things to be better for the Philippines.


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