Dear Pin,

It’s been quite hard for us lately. The search for a much needed job hasn’t been going well, despite the hundreds of resumes that you must have sent to various companies, the hand-full of phone interviews, and of course, those actual interviews which left you feeling hopeful and a tad bit capable.

Though it seems like those efforts have been futile, at least you have a back-up plan. And it’s not your fault, I mean, it is understandable why some companies are a bit reluctant to accept employees with an already planned holiday in December… but you will start working again. Pretty soon, in fact, that I encourage you to make the best out of these last few days…

And start seriously thinking about all those postgrad/scholarship applications that you have to send come October. Come on, we want this. You want this. I realize it is very scary. So scary, in fact, that it might be the reason for you over-sleeping these past few days. But I know you will get through it.

The first step is to find a printer and print all those documents!

You’re doing okay. I’m actually proud of the impromptu salad you made for dinner. Peaches and tomatoes. Yum.

Hang in there. Even if it seems like we have no particular direction. And be patient. Just be mindful always of what you want, and what you want to do.

I have faith in you!


Your Self


2 thoughts on “Dear Pin,

  1. Dear Pin,
    I completely understand what you’re going through as the same thing happened to me in Toronto. So much frustration and tears later, I still kept on fighting coz I know PR is what I really wanted. Never lose hope coz God never fails to send little blessings along the way. 🙂 *hugs*


  2. Hi Linz!
    It was really comforting to know that I wasn’t alone. I guess it’s something we all have to face…and I know this is just the start of more challenges to come! But you’re right, God is good…so we can do this! 🙂

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