When life hands you lemons…

It may be time for tequila…

But prayers are more helpful. Prayers, support, candles, beads, hands held together.

Sometimes Life has cruel ways of reminding the living to pay attention to what’s important.

Like your papa reminding you to wear your hood when it’s cold at night…
Or your mama asking if you’d want a packed lunch for the next day…
Or your brothers who are either joking with you, annoying you, teasing you, or having a heart-to-heart talk with you at 1am…
Or your boyfriend, always ready to drop everything and come to you if need be…
Or your best friends, willing to hold that long-distance relationship with you…
Or the big family you have now in New Zealand, who are always there for each other, no matter what.

We are here for all of you. We will pray with you, cry with you, support you. She’s in God’s home now.

Rest in Peace.


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